Fungi at Broadwater Warren

Today was my first outing with the Sussex Fungi Group over at Broadwater Warren, the RSPB Reserve just outside of Tunbridge Wells. It was a lovely, friendly and helpful morning, which was ideal for an almost complete beginner such as me. I’ve spent the last couple of years trying to identify the fungi I see in the woods, and have had some useful help, so it was high time I spent some time with some experts.

Picture of group in woods

Examining Twisted Deceiver

There were dozens of fungi that I’d not seen before, so it was quite an intense Sunday morning as I scribbled notes, took pictures and attempted to remember as much of the valuable insights as I could catch. There was a great clutch of Russulas, which I’ll write about in the future, together with a nicely diverse group, including fungi associated with mosses, fungi that live on other fungi:

Asterophora lycoperdoides (Powdery Piggyback), Russula nigricans

Asterophora lycoperdoides (Powdery Piggyback) growing on Russula nigricans

Hypomyces chrysospermus

The mould Hypomyces chrysospermus on a bolete

the Earpick (Auriscalpium vulgare), a small fungus that grows on pine cones,

Auriscalpium vulgare (Earprick)

Auriscalpium vulgare (Earprick)

and several apparently rare Cortinarius species, including the poisonous Cortinarius rubellus (Deadly webcap)

Cortinarius rubellus (Deadly webcap)

Cortinarius rubellus (Deadly webcap)

and the rather spendid-looking Cortinarius violaceus (Violet webcap):

Cortinarius violaceus (Violet webcap)

Cortinarius violaceus (Violet webcap)

There’s another meeting of the Sussex Fungi Group next week, so I’d better do some revision before I go. That was an inspiring morning.


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