Older blog posts

There are several items I wrote betwen 2008 and 2010 on the Transition Forest Row blog which are worth noting here, since they give a bit of context to some of my earlier explorations around Forest Row in Sussex.

  1. Exploring our parish: An introduction to the village and the range of the environmental designations in the area
  2. The variety of our local woodlands: Habitat diversity on the doorstep
  3. Walking towards the south west of Forest Row: Getting a sense of the landscape, and mis-identifying things
  4. Extinctions in Forest Row: Biodiversity loss doesn’t just happen elsewhere
  5. Gates, woods and mud: Walking to Legsheath and the reservoir
  6. The New Naturalist: Enjoying the Collins book series
  7. What have the Romans ever done for us?: A walk north of the village
  8. Our locality, its biodiversity and doing our bit: Recording, courses, and volunteering
  9. Apples and pears. And plums and cherries: Kidbrooke garden
  10. Fern with fronds: Trying (and failing) to get to grips with pteridophytes
  11. Exploring an Ancient Woodland: Home Wood: A Forest Row walk in May
  12. Backyard biology: iSpot and the Garden BioBlitz

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